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Guitar Gerry is a guitar and bass teaching studio.

Our customized lessons are created to meet your individual needs, which include theory and application.

It is also a recording studio and a place for Gerard to compose film and TV music.

We guarantee affordable rates that are tailored to meet your budget and a fun learning atmosphere.



"I have been taking guitar lessons from Gerry for about 8 months. I am 56 years old and always wanted to learn to play guitar. I had been trying to teach myself with limited results. I contacted Gerry as he had taught my daughter years ago. I was tentative to go initially. From the very start, Gerry made it an incredibly comfortable process. He tailored my lessons to where I was at with the guitar and what type of music I wanted to learn. In 8 short months I am playing some great songs, have learned a number of chords, and learned how to finger pick. I love how quickly this has happened. My guitar lessons are the highlight of my week. I can now play over 25 songs comfortably. And, my daughter continues to play as a result of her lessons. I cannot recommend him highly enough."

Michael M. - 25/07/2017


When I was 9 years old and, at the time, could speak little english, my parents signed me up for my first guitar lesson with Gerry Pittet who teaches in french and english. This was the beginning of a beautiful journey into becoming a confident guitar player, a musicophile, and developing an ear for boundless territories of melody. Our 9 year journey managed to encompass blues and rock’n’roll while touching on a lot of funk and fusion, we mingled with classical guitar while managing to blend in some heavy metal chops all the way to creative songwriting, improvisation, and jazzy extended harmony. You name it, you’ll learn it, and, if you are not too sure of what you want to practice this week, he’ll expose you to something even cooler to jam! Gerry is the best music teacher I could’ve ever asked for and was absolutely a great influence in my upbringing through not only music and its intricate history but also into becoming the well-rounded individual I am today. This man is amazing!

Isaac Labrie-Boulay - 12/10/2017


I bought my first guitar around 12 years ago, thinking I could teach myself to play. After several months of frustration I had given up and hung it on the wall,Around 9 years later I received a copy of Rocksmith as Christmas gift I was trying again to learn but struggling with strumming and picking patterns. That’s when I found Gerry’s add, we met and talked about what I wanted to learn, what kind of music I liked. Gerry tailored my lessons based on that information. I can now play a large number of songs, the journey has been fun and Gerry has been amazing along the way.

Doug Langman - 12/10/2017


I have been taught by Gerry for about 4 or 5 years now, and his teaching and mentorship have made me into the player I am today. He takes whatever style you like and builds on it and keeps introducing new ideas and concepts. And, not only has he made me into a great guitarist, but has also made me a great musician as well. I highly recommend him to anyone who likes music, and I cool guy to hang out with too.

John Glanville - 12/10/2017


Gerry makes learning guitar an adventure and best of all he makes it enjoyable. His musical knowledge is diverse, he is extremely flexible and above all, patient.

Neil Osborn - 14/10/2017


I was on the Internet looking for video lessons and ran into Gerry’s website. Phoned him up, agreed on a few genres, styles and started expanding my guitar knowledge. It’s been about a year and as a self-taught guitarist I welcome the detail that Gerry brings into the material and have begun to see many relationships that are useful in day to day playing. Our sessions are by FaceTime and it is convenient to communicate between Canadian provinces to learn the material using audio visual. Gerry is punctual and consistent with scheduled session times and flexible when changes are required. Tablature is very accurate and clear to cut the frustration of learning lead lines. Gerry has made custom tab available for songs on my ‘wish list.’ If there are any questions they can be addressed to the tab writer at the next session. For the above reasons and more I am more than pleased with Gerry’s instruction.

Ray Lavoie - 17/10/2017

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